Pak Mei Kung Fu

  1. The Monk Pak Mei

    The monk Pak Mei was one of the five elder monks of Shaolin Temple, Songshan, Province of Henan, China. Pak Mei lived during the Qing Dynasty (Emperor Qian Lung era). Very little is known about him. Pak Mei, translated from Cantonese, literally means "white brow".

  2. The Monk Gwong Wai

    Pak Mei passed on the art to Gwong Wai, second generation, in Sichuan province.

  3. The monk chuk fat wan

    The art was then passed on to the third generation, Chuk Fat Wan. In Kwong How Temple, Guangzhou

  4. Grand Master Cheung Lai Chuen

    The Monk Chuk Fat Wan passed on the art to Grand Master Cheung Lai Chuen, the fourth generation of Pak Mei Kung Fu. Traditionally, Pak Mei Kung Fu was only passed on to Buddhist monks. Master Cheung Lai Chuen was the first to pass the art on to the public and formally name the style Pak Mei.

  5. Grand Master Cheung Bing Fat

    Grand Master Cheung Bing Fat is the third son of Grand Master Cheung Lai Chuen.