Pak Mei Kung Fu Forms

           Shaolin's martial arts are organized into eight inner halls (internal martial arts) and eight outer halls (external martial arts). Pak Mei kung fu originated from the either inner halls and is classified as an internal martial art.

          The essence of Pak Mei kung fu lies in utilizing the inner power (ging), not plain strength. Using ging is intricate and dynamic; using strength is dull and blunt. The principles of Pak Mei stresses six-ging, eight hand techniques, concept of swallow/spit/float/sink, shocking effect, and evolving continuously.

Fist Forms Weapon Forms
Jik Bo Biu Tze Dai Jun Gwun (Staff)
Gau Bo Tui Ching Lung Kim (Sword)
Sup Baat Mor Kiu Sin Fa Bo Daang (Bench)
Maang Foo Chut Lum Dui Chaat Gwun (Staff)
Sup Jee Kaau Da Jui Wun Laau Yip Seung Doe (Butterfly Knives)
Ying Jaau Lim Kiu Wui Waan Seung Gwai (Tonfa)
Saam Moon Tsui Fei Fung Seung Doe (Double Sabres)
Sei Moon Baat Gwa Foh Dei Saam Cha Dai Pa (Tiger Fork)
Dei Saat Kuen Ng Haang Jung Laan Gwun (Staff)
Tuet Tiu Kuen Dui Chaat (Sparring Form) Ching Lung Yim Yuet Doe (Green Dragon Crescent Blade)
Chi Leem Kuen Dui Chaat (Sparring Form) Daan Doe Dui Dai Pa (Sparring Form)
Hung Saau Yup Baak Yan (Sparring Form) Fong Tin Gik (Chinese Halberd)
Chi Kung Joh Yaau Leen Waan Cheung (Spear)