Grand Master Choi
Founder Shing Tak Tong

           Grand Master Sam Choi was born in Hong Kong and learned martial arts from Grand Master Cheung Bing Fat, third son of Grand Master Cheung Lai Chuen. In the spirit to spread and promote Pak Mei martial arts, Grand Master Choi started teaching in Hong Kong in the early-seventies.

           In the early 1980's, Grand Master Choi immigrated to Canada, and continued to teach Pak Mei kung fu. In 1990, Grand Master Cheung Bing Fat passed away and to remember Grand Master Cheung Bing Fat, Grand Master Choi established the association, "Shing Tak Tong", to spread and promote Pak Mei Martial Arts to the world.

           The school was established by Grand Master Choi under the following themes:

           1. to preserve traditional chinese culture
           2. to promote the spirit of chinese martial arts
           3. to improve self-confidence, self-discipline and the ability to protect one's self
           4. to learn the importance of integrity and the moral principles of martial arts