• Pak Mei Shing Tak Tong Sam Choi Kung Fu Association
  • Pak Mei Sam Choi Kung Fu Association


           Shing Tak Tong is an extremely traditional kung fu school and in the traditional way, our association has remained very reclusive, finding students by word of mouth and or chance encounters. We have resisted popularizing our style, hoping to continue maintaining a high standard of students and ignoring the trends and the evolution of modern martial arts.

          To date, Chinese Kung Fu has spread throughout the globe and has become a well known art. Unfortunately, there has been a dilution of Chinese martial arts and many have the misperception that kung fu is mostly a performing art. The original purpose and meaning of Chinese martial arts is slowly disappearing.

          Establishing and maintaining this website allows us to share a glimpse of our style to kung fu enthusiasts around the world. With the vast amount of information available online today, we wish to broadcast information about traditional Pak Mei Kung Fu and to promote Shing Tak Tong's mission statement of "Shing Sun Yu Yan, Tak Heng Yu Sin" which translates into: To have integrity to others, Treating others ethically and morally.