Pak Mei Kung Fu Ethics

           This poem has been handed down through generations, all students from the Pak Mei clan should remember and follow the ethics and morals outlined in this poem.

The english translation is as follows:

Respect your kung fu ancestors, before you can claim to respect your kung fu.

Learn to be righteous and temper your conduct, before you may learn kung fu.

If you know kung fu, you may not commit any illegal offenses.

The best kung fu practitioners never hit people, even for the slightest offenses.

If you encounter an evil person,

Even if you are offered thousands of pounds of gold, you may not teach them.

You may not even teach a close relative, if they are not morally decent.

You may teach a perfect stranger, as long as they are righteous and decent.

If you understand the essence of Pak Mei kung fu,

Even a stone is precious like gold.

          As a footnote for those who do not read Chinese, the page shown is read from the right to left, downwards along each line. There are seven words in each line, and the rhythm and cadence flow quite elegantly; this is completely lost in the English translation.